A Modern-Day Recruiter Is Almost A Full-Time Scientist

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Here in this Medium story, Recruit CRM is showcasing how a recruiter acts as a scientist and a data nerd in today’s age. Read more!

Within a decade, there has been a massive shift from the normal job websites to high-tech recruitment tools. The world is now even more innovative with new opportunities emerging every single minute. Game-changing recruitment strategies have simply managed to alter the scenario and will continue to do so for years to come. You know well how artificial intelligence is already creating havoc in the market. Its rise has been so massive in finding new talent that even Forbes had published an article back in January 2018 on how AI has been changing the recruitment game. Recruiters, undoubtedly have the toughest jobs and chatbots, various sentimental analysis, Applicant Tracking System, talent rediscovery and so on can simply make their job a lot easier.

However, without indulging in a lot of details about how recruiting is certainly not an easy job, here’s an article on how a modern-day recruiter basically acts as a full-time scientist.

5 Ways How A Recruiter Is A Full-Time Scientist

You can expect a lot more in this decade to come in terms of recruiting. With a lot of recruitment agencies trying out various methods to shake up their hiring process, you can notice how beautifully they are streamlining the entire thing.

1. Data Nerd- “If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It”

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As a recruiter, you’re expected to be a data nerd. It’s like you have to live by this mantra day and night. A traditional recruiter can rely on luck and intuition more than data but in the long run, this is an extremely time-consuming process. If the following tradition is your tool, you can only assume what is right. But with the immense number of software and analytical tools available online, data-driven recruitment is easier than you think. Here you can witness tangible facts and stats and conclude accordingly. From selecting the right candidates to chalking out proper hiring plans, you can do it all. Recruiters generally use data to be more efficient, reduce costs and improve their recruiting strategies.

Keep in mind that using data in your hiring process can actually help you allocate your budget, unearth any form of hiring issues, benchmark and forecast your hiring, solidify arguments and so on.

2. A Psychologist- They Read Candidates & Inspire Excitement

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A modern-day recruiter acts as a psychologist since they can read candidates well and positively influence their emotions. At the end of the day when you’re chatting with a prospective candidate, you have to cheer them up, incite excitement and even maybe produce clever one-liners. The relationship which a recruiter shares with a candidate can result in two possible outcomes-

a. A satisfied job seeker who accepts the offer made by you, or,

b. An unsatisfied job seeker who shares ugly tweets about your company

So, thereby how you treat your candidates can affect your prominence, your company’s standing and the hiring success. Thus, a modern-day recruiter will always take care of forming positive relationships with their candidates. Making time for small, meaningful conversations and actions can result in developing a stronger bond with the candidates and make them feel good about you and your company. Even if they don’t decide upon working for your company, you can lay back in peace since they will still walk away with positive feelings.

3. An Avid Researcher- They Don’t Work Blind

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Time and again, various statistics have shown how the recruitment industry is constantly changing. If a modern-day recruiter is not an avid researcher then he/she can end up flying blind. There are so many things that a recruiting team needs to research on. The research factor can actually help build successful hiring strategies. For instance, as a recruiter, you must know that Gen Y uses social media profiles as an extension of their professional personality and that 73% of 18–34-year-olds found their last job via a social media site, or cold calling job seekers will, in turn, help you hone skills that you can enjoy later in your career. Sometimes a recruiter can just call up people for the sole purpose of just gathering information.

For your research to be successful, you will need a higher networking build. Only then can you flex your research muscles stating that you know about the latest recruitment and skill trends. Recruiters with experience under their belt can help newbies in market mapping, data searching, industry knowledge and can even give you tricks on how to deliver tasks earlier than your target date.

4. A Technologist- They Are Masters When It Comes To Using The Right Tools

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A successful modern-day recruiter is skilled in technology. They lead to making the hiring process easier, cuts down on hiring time and even helps in building a network and long-term recruitment opportunities. These recruiters already know the industry well, understand the complex lingo and sometimes are often associated with programmers, developers and engineers.

Apart from the above, they know which tools work the best and have mastery when it comes to using them during recruitment. A modern-day recruiter already knows a great deal about the company’s overall technological concept. This is highly beneficial when it comes to smarter hiring and helps the company stay up to speed on the competition.

5. A Marketer- Knows How To Tell a Great Story

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In a digitally connected world, recruiters are marketers in all aspects. In order to be a successful and a good recruiter, you need to put yourself in the shoes of a candidate who moves between multiple screens every day. Recruitment is all about understanding various marketing strategies in order to attract, hire and retain the best candidates for the company. It includes email nurturing, SEO, websites, blogs, video, referrals, data analytics, content marketing, employer branding and so on. Just like converting a marketing lead into a sale, your job as an ideal recruiter would be to turn an applicant into a hire and also retain them.

Bring candidates in through a talent acquisition funnel or through various advertising channels. This is exactly where recruitment marketing starts. The word of click has taken over the word of mouth. Therefore, a modern-day recruiter also acts as a marketer and knows how to tell a great story.

Companies all over the world are searching for the best candidates for jobs and the sole purpose of a recruiter is to help this happen. If you too think, you’re a modern-day recruiter and you absolutely act like a full-time scientist in getting your job done, then let us know in the comment section below!

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