Dear Recruiters, If You’re Still Not On Clubhouse, You’re Missing Out On Business

clubhouse app for recruiters

So, What Exactly Is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is the new social media platform that delivers an all-audio social media experience for its users on a really huge scale. People from all over the world are now on Clubhouse and this has become the latest trend. However, here’s the catch. Currently, users can access Clubhouse if they’re invited to it and only if they’re iOS users (this is because they’re still in private beta mode and they shall soon open for everyone).

benefits of using clubhouse

Can you image Clubhouse grew from 3.5 million global downloads to about 8.1 million global downloads in just a matter of 2 weeks?!

Obviously, one can attribute this to Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg but even if they hadn’t tweeted about the same, Clubhouse had already created its own growing user base. It’s like podcasting that never stops!

Why Do Recruiters Need To Be On Clubhouse?

clubhouse for recruiters
  1. You can invite your candidates for a prospective warm-up round before their first interview. How great would that be for a positive candidate experience?
  1. Make sure your brand’s bio is as accurate and succinct as possible. Don’t include a lot. It’s essential to stick to creating concise points. Reach out to people via LinkedIn for collaborations on Clubhouse and host successful rooms in no time.



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