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Whenever new employees join your client’s company, not only do you have high hopes for them but so does your client. A recruiter shared with us how he ensured that his new hire was successful within just 2 months of joining the company.

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So, what can recruiters do to ensure that their fresh hires are successful as soon as they join their client’s company? Recruit CRM got in touch with a senior recruiter who’s answering the same for us below.

This recruiter we got in touch with, helped us learn that if you underestimate the role of the new hires in your company wondering that they’re going to do nothing but just add up to your current workload since you’ll have to go all the way to train or guide them every now and then, then you’re absolutely mistaken. To avoid the above, recruiters need to understand that employee onboarding and training is really crucial. Your hiring cycle still remains incomplete if you fail to brief the candidates about how to go about and what to expect on their first day at their new job.

To help recruiters get a clearer view, here are certain points that you’ll have to practice without fail.

How To Make Sure Your New Hires Are Successful?

There are certain key factors that recruiters will have to weigh in after finalising a candidate for a specific job role. They are stated as follows —

1. Employee Onboarding Is Extremely Significant


Recruiters must make sure that they begin their new employee onboarding process long before the candidate’s first day at work. A week or two before they start working is considered ideal. You can take note that you do the following:

a. Help them understand all the administrative paperwork and information they need to complete in their first week. This way your new recruits will not have to spend extra time worrying about admin tasks and they’ll be able to focus more on priority tasks.

b. Contact the company’s internal team to ensure that they have your new recruit’s username, ids, logins, passwords and everything in place so that it’s not a mess on their first day. After all, you don’t want a messy onboarding process that can lead to your candidate dropping out. (Honestly, this is a nightmare!)

2. Provide Extremely Detailed Explanations

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Explain the company policy and various other practices in detail to the candidate and describe how to execute those processes accurately so that there are no confusions or miscommunications. When we further intervened, he told us that in reality when recruiters explain, they’re leaving no room for errors from their fresh hires.

Ensure that you answer any queries that your candidate might have regarding their position, salary, business and so on. If you send them off with doubts, it will not only slow them down but also increase their scepticism.

3. Help Them Set Goals For The First 2 Months

It’s almost an imperative task for the recruitment agencies to help their new hires have clear, organised and feasible goals. This will be key to helping them get in the groove. Make sure you don’t absolutely deep-dive into teaching them all about KPI-based goals because that shouldn’t be your fresh hire’s priority. These are the following tasks that they should instead focus on achieving:

a. Proper analysis of the company culture (The friendlier a company culture is, the more positive the candidates feel, which in turn affects employee retention. See how it’s all intertwined?)

b. Understanding the company’s project management tool

c. Depending on the role you’ve hired the candidate for, help them decide their weekly and monthly goals

d. They should focus on building a good rapport with the team. There are certain KPIs that are expected at the end of the first two months. So, ensure they are ready for it. These are the small wins both the parties should be excited about!

The above are integral for a fresh hire’s success and the earlier it happens, the better the outcome.

4. Check-In Twice A Week!

The most durable way to get a new staff member up to pace is with weekly check-ins, during which the new team member can share their progress and present their forecasts for the next week. This is a crucial process which no recruiters should part ways with. Regular meetings might not be possible for anyone and in fact, might get monotonous so the best frame would be once or twice a week.

This way, recruiters will be able to find out if they’ve indeed done a great job and whether they had really found the best fit for the role. You can even share this progress with the internal team members of the concerned company so that they can be clear on their expectations from the new hire.

Coming back to our senior recruiter, when we had asked him if this was what he did, he gave a pretty straightforward reply —

“Trust me, I am always a bit overwhelmed when I am placing a new recruit in a respectable company. The pressure is immense. You can’t really predict the future but the best way to go about is to start small. What I looked into were quantifiable goals. Nothing unnecessary. A new hire will obviously need time to adjust to the new work environment, especially if they have sets of training to finish. So ask the internal team to set them up with a small assignment and ask them to complete it by a fixed date. If they’re able to pull it off beautifully, that’s when you can even think of having expectations.”



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