I Want To Set Up A Recruitment Agency As Soon As I Graduate…

There’s an increasing number of freshers who’re setting up their own startups…starting from Amish of XYZ University to Cindy from Arizona. But the most important thing about this is — not all startups thrive. As per overall research, 90% of the startups fail and only 10–15% make it in the actual business sector. So, how can you find out if the startup culture is an appropriate fit for you, especially a recruitment startup, that too when you’re just a fresh graduate? There are just too many questions that a recruitment entrepreneur needs to ask oneself and often they might find themselves in disbelief and scepticism.

With unlimited resources available online on how not to mess it up while becoming an entrepreneur, it’s often understandable that freshers find themselves completely ignorant of what in reality they should grasp. So, here we are giving everyone (mostly fresh graduates) a clear opinion on how to understand whether you’re the best fit to start a recruitment agency.

5 Ways By Which You Can Understand That You’re A Genuine Fit To Create A Recruitment Agency

If being a recruitment entrepreneur is your dream and you’re already jotting down plans on how to start one or late at night you find yourself watching “How To Start A Recruitment Agency With No Money?”, then you’ve crash-landed on the right story.

how to start a recruitment agency
how to start a recruitment agency

There are plenty of resources and companies out there that help freshers if they are engrossed in starting their own business — starting from the university enterprises or various other entrepreneurship societies. Entrepreneurship, like any other skill, is sharpened by practice and action. A fresher’s university entrepreneurship society is a safe, supportive atmosphere in which you can try out a start-up project and see whether you develop a drive towards it. This is exactly how a fresher can test out his/her recruitment startup plan to check if this is the ablest fit.

A lot of universities nowadays have set up incubator assemblages or hatcheries that provide support and resources for start-up and pre-start-up businesses.

how to start a recruitment agency
how to start a recruitment agency

You live and breathe concepts of marketing. You have already finished creating a logo and image that meet your recruitment agency’s style in your final uni days and you’re just waiting for that right time and right push. If this is so, then you’re down that great impulsive path. You understand how first impressions matter much more than anything else. You’re way ahead in drafting a marketing structure and matching each process with appropriate tools and apps. Your LinkedIn is already picking up the pace and you’re on your way to winning half the battle.

If the above describes what you’re up to, then it’s a definite no-brainer that you are born to make your recruitment agency reach heights.

In order to start a recruitment agency, you need to hire good recruiters and invest in them. Knowing the ins and outs definitely will allow you to meet and hire recruiters with valuable expertise. Nonetheless, don’t give up on subordinate roles too. If you’re a fresher who right from the beginning has an in-depth capability to spot each recruiter’s strength and help them thrive, you are doing a huge favour by starting a recruitment agency this early.

Once you are settled on the recruitment market, you should evaluate what other staffing firms you are competing with. Use a simple SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis to find out how you stand out and where and how you need to develop in your recruitment game.

If you think that starting a recruitment agency requires a lot of funding, then you’re wrong. Like most other startups, creating a recruitment agency wouldn’t require as much money. Whether you’re creating a remote recruitment agency or setting up a hybrid model, you should still consider costs like several office equipments, digital tools, in-house staff, insurance and so on. Also, creating a budget spreadsheet and getting proper financial advice is a must. As a young founder of your recruitment agency if you’re adept with the laws and regulations to prevent further legal problems and know which law is concerned with data protection, then you’re good to go.

Are you a fresher starting your entrepreneurial journey too? Let us know in the comments below! Also, our eBook on ‘Creating A Remote Recruitment Agency’ is ready for download here.

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