Did You Know Recruit CRM Happens To Have Its Own Podcast?

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3 min readJan 31, 2021


Recruit CRM has taken down some serious points on branding and building a strong effective audience this 2021 and did you know we happen to have our own Podcast?

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Recruitment Podcasts are a thing of its own these days and as a SAAS brand, Recruit CRM has taken building an audience of progressive recruiters quite seriously. We had launched our own Podcast named, Recruitment Entrepreneurs last year around November and till now we have been featuring recruiters, talent acquisition experts and entrepreneurs who have taken the staffing world by storm.

With our CEO, Sean Mallapurkar as the main man hosting these amazing recruitment entrepreneurs, we have leveraged our brand image to a great extent since the past year. For anyone who is interested in learning more about setting up a recruitment business or investing in a firm, we have got tips and personal accounts to guide you’ll. Moreover, the entire world is gaga over Podcasts these days and we’ve been recommending our favourites all over social media since time immemorial.

Our folks at Recruit CRM firmly believe that Podcasts are a great learning tool for the young and old these days. They come in so handy and in simple terms, all you need are headphones, a good internet connection and your mobile. Businesses can honestly use this to create highly-engaging, top-notch content and distribute it all over the world in no time. They help in building suitable brand recognition, awareness, authority and even extensive trust among your consumers and clients. Honestly, it’s the next best marketing frontier out there for entrepreneurs, small businesses and career coaches.

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Why Should Recruitment Businesses Really Take Up Podcasting?

A survey by Edison Research points out that 50% of Americans have listened to at least one podcast and listeners report an average of 17 hours of listening in the last week. How impressive is that?

  1. With Spotify introducing a separate section of podcasts, Google releasing Google Podcasts and iOS users having a separate in-built podcast-streaming app, they’ve become super accessible to the common mass. It requires close to no preparation when it comes to listening to one and the best part — most of the podcasts are absolutely free!
  2. Believe it or not, we’ve built a good community of recruiters out of our podcast and social media presence who are genuinely interested in our Applicant Tracking System. Since most of the people listen to podcasts on their phone, it’s quite easy to share the podcast instantly with their friends on various social media channels making them popular with time and helps brands build a suitable community this way.
  3. Another important reason, why podcasts have become so versatile these days is because they’re extremely easy to prepare. Podcasting is not at all superficial and involves quite an intimate experience. So whether there are two guests in a show or a singular host, recording requires boundless care. And also, with several free apps nowadays that lets you make a recording studio right at your own work desk without having to invest in expensive mics or recording tools makes it all the more popular.

Interested in listening to our Podcast on Spotify?

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