The Ultimate Recruitment CRM Guide You Never Thought You Would Need

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3 min readMar 17, 2021

Want to learn more about why and how a recruitment agency should use a CRM software? Learn more in this story by Recruit CRM.

Are you confused as soon as you read the terms recruitment and CRM together in a single sentence? Like isn’t a CRM software used by marketing professionals to engage customers? You bet! But guess what? When a company is hiring for, say, at least 5 open positions and the recruiters involved have received 100 odd applications at the least for each of the open job roles…that accounts for nearly 500 candidates who have applied to get a job at that specific company! Is it feasible to manage all these candidates using no form of automation or technology? Here comes the catechism of choosing the best recruitment CRM software for your company.

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Decoding Recruitment CRM Software

A Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) system helps manage candidate data. Apart from the above, it also supports sales management, produces actionable insights, integrates with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and supports more solid team communication. This entire “candidate revolution” that has been happening recently is not new and an informed candidate group has a better chance of meeting your expectations than someone who hasn’t been replied to in weeks or months.

Choosing the best CRM software requires patience and a lot of insights that need close attention because a recruitment agency wouldn’t want to settle for a CRM software that will not be able to deliver a great candidate management experience.

You can easily google and millions of search results will teach you the benefits of CRM software or even point you towards a few free CRM software that you can use. All we can say is that it’s tempting and quite easy to fall for such thirst traps. Instead, here are some features you must look out for before starting that free trial or demo.

Why Do Recruiters Need A CRM Software?

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Imagine the number of hours people would end up saving if only did they know the answers to questions like these. So, here’s Recruit CRM’s two-cents on why using a recruitment CRM is of utmost necessity.

1. Candidate Experience Is Truly Essential For An Organisation

Once a recruiter had mentioned — “A great way of finding top talent is by keeping in touch with your existing talent pipeline.” Without any doubt, recruitment CRM software will help recruiters maintain loyal relationships with their candidates simply by delivering the right message at the right time either in their inbox or via a short and sweet call.

2. Will Help In Managing Your Candidate Pipeline

It can be quite a hassle to maintain a diverse candidate pipeline. However, with the usage of such software, recruiters can keep a track of their candidates very easily. Moreover, you can have both your client and candidate data in one single place.

3. Provide Information To Candidates About Job Vacancies

We bet you knew the fact that recruiters could give away the right resume formats to candidates without having the latter panic about the same while filling out their job application forms. But, did you know that when you integrate your CRM with your ATS directly, you can find out information about job vacancies and promptly send your preferred candidates a report about the same?

Apart from providing beneficial features like intelligent search, actionable data and analytical reports about vacancies and candidates, nowadays most of the applicant tracking systems come built-in with a free CRM software. This is not only easy on a recruitment agency’s pocket but also very useful when all of these data are combined together. A user generally gets a much more detailed analysis of the same. Let us know in the comments below which is the current recruitment CRM that your agency is using?



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