We Helped Recruiters Understand The Secrets Behind Building A Diverse Candidate Pipeline

diversity hiring tips

5 Essential Strategies To Build A More Diverse Pipeline

diverse candidate pipeline

1. Stop Focusing On Only One Particular Group

A diverse talent pipeline is not about creating a perfect male to female ratio or about trying your best to include one group and exclude the other. A truly diverse workplace will contain employees who were not hired based on preference over their age, sex, ethnicity or background. Recruiters must keep in mind that they shouldn’t inadvertently overlook any group. The need to focus on only one particular group needs to end in order to start creating a truly diverse talent pipeline.

2. Set Effective Goals

This is by far the most important recruitment strategy that recruiters can implement. There’s a saying that whatever you can measure, can be achieved. Set a clear-cut goal with your colleagues and hiring manager and take stock of where you’re currently at with regards to inclusion. If the calculated result is not something which your recruitment agency or your client aims towards, then it’s high time you start working towards it.

  • Help and proactively train at least 35% of your company’s employees into understanding everything about unconscious bias.
  • Rewrite 5 evergreen job descriptions in such a manner that it clearly evokes how the company you’re hiring for prioritizes diversity hiring.

3. Start Getting More Involved With Minority Institutions

Get involved with sponsor institutions that support people from underrepresented groups and build effective rapport with members. These might include women and LGBTQ organizations, or even several minority professional groups.

  • National Organization on Disability
  • National Association of Asian American Professionals

4. Setting Diverse Interview Panels

A different group of questioners at the interview panel might be more qualified to distinguish the interesting attributes that would, or would not, make every candidate a decent worker. It can likewise help the candidate feel calmer to realise they wouldn’t be the lone representative from an underrepresented gathering.

5. Build A Strong Employee Onboarding Process

Employee onboarding is a significant go-between venture among candidates and recruiters. Build a comprehensive employee onboarding experience to guarantee you don’t lose your priority candidates. For instance, ask favoured names and pronouns, learn dietary inclinations, and oblige workspace set-up inclinations. You need to ensure you can hold your diverse employee force for a future turn of events and promotions.



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